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Roofing Accessories – Cladding, Caps, and Flashing

We use quality cladding and roofing products for your home

Parapet and balcony caps and rainwater accessories

Caps and flashings are becoming more and more popular with the way building is going. The more modern look of solid decks and parapet roofing means this is becoming a common requirement from builders and councils to have these areas covered by caps and flashings. Caps and flashings are often what keep a building and roof watertight.

Rainwater heads andbox gutters are also available in all metal types to suit both commercial and residential requirements

Roof flashing

The suppliers of our primary roofing materials also supply the caps and flashings, which are all covered by the same five-year warranty. They are designed and created for each specific job to offer the best in water resistance and council compliance.

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