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Roof inspections and maintenance in Auckland, NZ

We recommend every home has roof maintenance performed at least once a year. Regular roof maintenance will extend the life of your roof, and is a good opportunity to identify any particular areas of weakness that may lead to more serious damage in the future.

What type of roof maintenance do I need?

Different environments require different roofing finishes – your roof manufacturer will be able to provide the correct care instructions. Areas unwashed by the rain should be cleaned twice yearly, and in harsh environments, post painting of Galvanised and Zincalume material is recommended.

New Zealand roof repairs

As soon as a situation like leakage arises it is best to get it looked at by a professional – making small repairs now is much more cost effective than replacing the entire roof later on.
Roof repairs are often as easy as re-caulking flashing when silicone has broken down, or repairing or replacing penetrations. However some repairs do require further work and possible replacement of flashing or sections of roof.

The best way to see what really needs to be done is to give us a call. We have two options available:

Call out plus roof review or leak detection $120 + GST

Call out and repair – if the problem can be fixed there and then $180 + GST

Both include travel plus one hour on site, any additional hours are charged at $80 + GST per hour.

Please note travel is for within the general Auckland area only.

Auckland roof inspections

Periodic inspections of existing roofs are done to make sure that there are no areas of weakness that could damage the roofing system later on.
Our professional roofing technician will perform an inspection and provide a report to the building owner pointing out any problems that may require immediate or future action.

This written report comes complete with photos and recommendations.
Priced from $300 + GST.

Contact Riteline Roofing for your roof maintenance

Our team aims to work within our customer’s budgets when possible, providing one-off or ongoing maintenance, and temporary or permanent fixes. Feel free to contact us for further advice in regards to any maintenance queries.